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New Fashion Find - Banana Boutique

New Fashion Find - Banana Boutique

For someone who doesn’t particularly follow fashion, I seem to have a lot of clothes… but that doesn’t stop me looking for - and buying! - new ones on a regular basis.

I’ve recently come across Banana Boutique, who specialise in retro and vintage style clothes. Having recently got into 50’s style, I was really interested in their new collection, which is made up of designers including Traffic People and King Louie.


Dana, who runs Banana Boutique, very kindly let me choose something from the AW season, and I picked a dress from Traffic People.

Based in Brunei at the moment, you might wonder why I’d be interested in Autumn fashion when it’s 30c most days. But actually, I have to dress fairly conservatively because of the local culture, so the longer length of this dress, and the sleeves which keep my shoulders covered, is actually perfect.

Also, I get cold. Really cold. Because it’s so hot outside, the air con is normally on full blast everywhere. I usually wear cardis in the office and as I type this I’m sat in jeans and a long-sleeved top - something I would wear on a regular basis in the UK, but not something you’d think I’d wear in the tropics. We’re off to the cinema this afternoon and it’s always freezing, hence my winter wear.

Still, this lovely Top ‘N Tail dress would look fab with thick black tights and some nice T-bar shoes, or perhaps boots, back in the UK. I love the star pattern, and the collar makes me feel quite preppy - like I should be in Clueless (as if! - more like, I wish…)

It’s really comfortable to wear, easy to wash and very flattering, so I have no doubt that the rest of the collection is exactly the same.


The dress also comes in skirt form, alongside some other fab designs. I particularly like this skirt (sequins, hello!) and I was also tempted by this jumpsuit, but I’m quite short and wasn’t sure if it’d suit me. It will look amazing if you’re lucky enough to have long legs or you can walk in heels a lot better than me…

Delivery was fast, the packaging was a lovely bright banana yellow and had a lovely handwritten note from Dana inside. I also found a bag of sweets in there too - nothing like the personal touch!

The Autumn Winter 18 collection is available on Banana Boutique now, and you can follow Dana on Instagram for more inspiration!

This post is about a dress I was sent as a gift. I accepted the gift in return for some promotion. I always give honest reviews and never endorse anything I wouldn’t use, or in this case wear, in real life.

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