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Gordons Gin Cocktails

Gordons Gin Cocktails

Spring is in the air - well, it certainly is in Gibraltar, anyway - so thoughts of summer BBQs and drinks in the garden are just that bit closer to becoming a reality.

It's no secret that I love a gin - weirdly, I was always a vodka drinker up until a few years ago when I was sitting out in the garden and suddenly had a craving for a G&T.  I'd never really liked gin as I thought it was too dry, but that fateful afternoon in the sun spawned a love for mothers' ruin and I haven't looked back since.

I'm really excited to be getting married in August, and we're hoping that it will be a lovely day - as long as it stays dry we don't mind as we're planning some outdoor things for the party.  Either way, we're planning on having some cocktails for our guests, and so Rick has been busy trying some drinks recipes out (well, someone has to taste test them, eh?)


Rosie & Gin

A fresh twist on the classic Gin & Tonic (and if you can't name a cocktail after yourself at your wedding, when can you?)

50ml Gordons gin

Tonic water

Fresh lime wedges

Fresh rosemary sprig

Mix your G&T as normal.  Add your lime wedges and pop the rosemary sprig in for some extra flavour.



Gin-ger Surprise

A fragrant version of the classic.

50ml Gordons gin (50ml)

Ginger ale

Orange slices

A few cardamom pods(lightly crushed to release scent)

Add all your ingredients into a glass with some ice.  Spritz orange peel over glass before serving.


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration on how to jazz up your standard gin and tonic - we have a couple more recipes up our sleeve to try out, so I'll be posting those soon.  

Thanks to Gordons for supplying the gin, and to Root 7 for the lovely glasses.

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